Ha Tay Pharmaceutical honor award "Vietnam Star 2014 drugs"

Vietnamese star drugs that prestigious award in 2014, was first Vietnam Drug Administration voted organized and awarded to products domestically produced drugs.



The vote took place during the period from 15/04 to 31/05 2014, the council voted to be the leading experts in the field of medicine, including experts from the Ministry of Health and the medical leadership central Institute, based on the selection criteria are built in a scientific way, clear, the principle of objectivity and truthfulness.

Vietnam Star award drugs contributed confirmed the quality of medicinal products in the country, to give confidence to the Vietnam when choosing and using medication Vietnam.

After time voted honest objectivity, in the records of hundreds of drug production enterprises, the Ministry of Health has selected 30 companies producing drugs and 62 product deserves the award "Vietnam Star drugs 2014 ". Dated 08.01.2014 Ministry of Health has issued Decision No. 2862 / QD-BYT on the recognition of drug production enterprises and medicinal products reaching the title "Vietnam Star 2014 drug" award for businesses.

Joint Stock Company in Ha Tay Pharmaceutical and disinfection products Livsin Additional liver extremely honored 94 award "Vietnam Star 2014 drug" above.

  With over 40 years experience in the field of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in Ha Tay with 2 factory (factory manufacturing medicine and functional foods) and 5 modern production line reached GMP - WHO, the system processes to achieve ISO 9001: 2008 is proud to be one of the 10 companies Pharmaceuticals reputation nationwide. With the policy of "Quality is the survival and development" so many products and services the company has built a reputation with patients and clients including disinfection products Livsin 94 liver.

  Antidotal liver tonic Livsin 94 is a combination of three herbs you like Diep lower European liver, sour untouched, dots, with raw materials and finished products are strictly controlled through achieving GLP testing system, enhancing effects of liver function, liver cell regeneration, detoxify the liver cooler used for cases of liver dysfunction causes fatigue, poor appetite, dyspepsia, rash or pimples when infected liver by using more toxic alcohol, drugs and chemicals. Cases of hepatitis, fatty liver ...

  The award "Vietnam Star 2014 drugs", once again confirms the quality of the phamDuoc Hatay, give confidence to physicians and customers when choosing, using drugs produced by pharmaceutical Hatay. This award will also be motivated to more than 900 employees the company continues to research innovative and produce more high-quality products to meet the health care needs of patients.

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