Ha Tay Pharmaceutical participation "International Specialized Exhibition medicine Vietnam" 20th

This year's event attracted 450 booths of 350 organizations, groups and enterprises from 30 countries and regions such as India, Korea, USA, Japan, Belgium, Taiwan, The Netherlands ... with the products on display include: raw materials, pharmaceutical chemicals, pharmaceutical, east - south pharmaceutical packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, laboratory equipment, diagnostic imaging equipment ... are the scientific and technical achievements of Vietnam's most advanced and worldwide. Along with the activities of the group exhibit, now is the policy seminar on law and legal aid for manufacturing and trading of pharmaceutical, medical equipment in Vietnam.

Join the international exhibition specialized medicine is an annual activity of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical (DHT). This is not just a place to DHT introduce achievements in scientific research, pharmacy technology, new production lines, modern but also a chance to introduce new products as well as the famous traditional products company's like all fossil Hadopharma, Bitabet, Oraliver Extra, arginine, Vitfermax, Calcido, Eucatopdein, Morhatamin, cough syrup Ginseng can ...; By the enthusiasm and friendliness, DHT's booth attracted more than 600 visitors to visit and buy from DHT.