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Rated as a business enterprise producing effectively with a high growth rate, stability, sustainable development; create jobs for thousands of workers, JSC in Ha Tay Pharmaceutical (HATAPHAR) worthy of the title of Labor Hero reform era that the company recently held a well received. The strong development of pharmaceutical JSC in Ha Tay is a collective effort, in which the head of the pharmacists Le Van Lo - company directors. As a guide path, directions Le Van Lo directors knew arouse, promote creativity in each and every step taken HATAPHAR employees out of the crisis, continue to stand firm and developed.

In late 1973, Le Van Lo joined the Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Company immediately after graduating from University of Pharmacy. Daily work for pharmacists young guy is doing testing. Not shy about demanding a very high level of meticulous, accurate, his hard work, diligence and do the job in a creative way, passionate. Absorbing the experience of their predecessors while constantly striving to learn themselves, he was colleague and dear ones living around the talent, virtue. Leadership appreciated the seriousness and efficiency of the work that he achieved so decided to move him to the planning department to perform new tasks. Seeing his young age, so even higher outside professional duties, he often appointed trusted leader improve school management. That time, though want to study economic management but was sent to study administration (mainly for leadership), but he still avidly studies, consult the documentation carefully. He studied with a progressive spirit: "Know more new knowledge much as possible, especially the facilitating agency". Unbelievably, the diligence and hard work that later when the company's director for helping him settle land to employees quickly and accurately in accordance with the law. Even the provincial administration officials also could not believe, though, is the first in the province to divide the land to you, and not officers committed any errors.

As a responsible life should be assigned to work though what, in his capacity or will try my best. In 1984, he was assigned to the higher: Deputy Director of the Company. In his new role, he used to advise on many issues both technical and organizational. In 1989, he was promoted to trust company directors. Standing in front of a sad reality produced by the operation of the company is too difficult, do not meet the requirements of innovation. That was about the transition between old and new ways of working, thinking about change, new-style operation requires time. Meanwhile, the company is in too low starting point: the basis of poor, workers without work, the workshop has only one machine is not used at full capacity. What should I do before the actual confusion is often dogged questions follow him in every meal, sleep? For a while he thought frustrated with bitterness: they run as president, or their renunciation not run as director? But he felt "ashamed" to his heart: not permitted faltered, despite how challenging the job if certain determination will overcome. In his memory to the unforgettable image is of the early days of taking office: glanced at the small room that people still called the agitated hall are dozens of people, he could not contain sigh: ceiling pocked houses several pieces of "patch" with temporary support by plastic is much less dilapidated bamboo for opposition to just below the bright red color of the type of emulation flag hanging neatly in the corner of the room light. He quietly told people: "Let us look straight at reality. Achievements are important but can not rely on to survive. What we need now is money. Money we exist, new thinking to develop production. For this we have much work to do to you, do. Ask yourself save herself before it's too late ... ". Initially, he thought back capital will want to do business, then produce new thinking. According to calculations, he boldly discussed and supported by people planning to buy 1 million tablets sold to feel the 2.4 million people in the region continue to invest the money. But your orders were rejected enterprise outsourcing. Do not be stalled, he decided to go one step further: to the direct production plans. It is considered as a breakthrough, because from past to present the company mainly produces herbal products such as alcohol drugs, injections, syrups ho ... If the unit produces about 8 million tablets will be profitable over a hundred million. Positive results that looked like extra motivation helps him boldly embarked on mass production conducted. Where production to consumption to that, it is expected the first year is only 8 million members. Unbelievably, the company increased production up to one hundred million members, but still not enough to sell. He smiled wit: "So I had the money for the welcome Medal. Some time ago, when the handover of the poor that have to "hand over" even to pick up but have errors Medal appointment until one year after that body. " A good start accidentally put the company on how "stuck" when your enterprise "events" companies because they produce similar products. It was thanks to "case" that the company has historical turning point: for a license from the Drug Administration of production and trading of commodities in accordance with legal drugs. It is true that "in every adversity there is opportunity". This success not only create development breakthrough in the company but also drown anxious, depressed from the cadres and workers. Difficult but he finally found the way out. When production began to show signs of growth, director of project determination to establish enterprise innovation management; conducting internal consolidation refined the principle of indirect reduction apparatus, concentrating manpower for production and business; layout, arrange the position matching capabilities, qualifications and promote the spirit of self-discipline, creativity in all employees; continuously improve the professional quality of the workforce through training ... Technological innovation and product diversification is considered a key task of the company. And to achieve the objectives set out, he borrowed money from banks to buy some new investment chain, purchasing Blister machine, closed chrysalis ... in order to raise productivity, create new products , expanding sales network, increase competition in the market. From initial difficulties, with faith and extraordinary energy, Director Le Van Lo has put 200 people out of unemployment, constantly expanding production scale and attract hundreds of workers.
Always interested in the lives of cadres and workers, are constantly looking for new business production in the direction of democracy, publicity, internal unity, all issues are discussed before specific actions to file central power of the collective is guiding to the success of the director Le Van Lo. Moreover, he was known to arouse inquisitive spirit, promote and encourage reward hundreds of technical innovations bring benefits to the company making the cadres and workers and self-assured complete assigned tasks. While many units do not want to equitization, or shrinking production shares after the reverse at the beginning Directors has determined LO: equitisation will help businesses proactively, responsibly and will collect economic efficiency is higher. Not only aware, he voluntarily applied for shares early, ardent analyze the pros after shares to cadres and workers to understand. Therefore, all the problems in the process of equitisation are resolved quickly, satisfactorily. Promoting the strengths of a unit share, over the years the company has successfully implemented the policy of "the way doctors" brain drain attract young intellectuals team by paying salaries and incentive regimes flexible reward. The company currently has hundreds of pharmacists have a university degree and the university; Economic dozens of engineers, several hundred school pharmacists and technicians ... The labor force is constantly increasing: more than 500 shares prior to the thousands of people taking the present time. Pursuing the industrialization - modernization and bring the country to integrate with the regional countries and the world, the company determined to build factory GMP - ASEAN. And to achieve this goal, in recent years, the company has invested in the combination of the human down- - equipment - engineering - environment; especially more than 64 billion investment to build 5,000 m2 of workshop, warehouse materials, waste water treatment system ...; installation of additional tabletting machine ZP35 2, two soft capsules factory, 1 factory quality control board, Blister machine ... raise the company's value from 8.4 billion to over 60 billion. Thanks to these machines has increased accuracy in pharmaceutical manufacturing, drug test at a higher level than the previous test when applied by chemical methods. With the slogan "Quality is the survival and development," the director oven sparked the movement and encourages pharmacists and technicians of the company tried to study and grasp the advanced techniques, modern research, develop manufacturing processes new items, always changing designs to meet market demand, improve product quality. Labor workers also constantly improve their academic expertise, acquire and use the new machinery and techniques in Blister, closed capsules, film-coated, sugar coated, promote technical innovations Art created many products with high competitiveness in the market such as: Pasepan, Polydoxancol, Neurology D3 ... Currently, the company is the Ministry of Health for the production of more than 300 items in circulation across the country and goods year has added 20 new items to be put on the market.
One of the important factors decisive to the success or failure of the business is to build and develop a reasonable sales network. Fully aware of the importance of this issue, as people lead the way, put sugar, Director Le Van Lo has constantly strengthened and developed sales system. Currently, JSC in Ha Tay Pharmaceutical wholesale systematic and extensive retail network in the province, with 320 points of sale (including highland, mountains also drug stores company). Not only interested in mountain, upland, the company also has a special policy to encourage members to trade them better serve people with reasonable prices. Besides the good service at the hospital, some branches and agents in the provinces have also been strengthened, such as Ha Noi, Nghe An, Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Quang Ninh, Ho. Jurong ... With these strategies, strong strategies in business combined with the dynamism and flexibility in production executive Director Le Van Lo has the same collective company created the best growth spectacular. Summarizing 10 years (1995-2005), look at the numbers speak somewhat like telling the outstanding development of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical JSC through growth, the total output value of the following year always higher than last year from 16% to 64%. Production speed increased by 34 times, 14 times the revenue increase, profit increased 18 times, 26 times the budget increase. In 5 years equitisation dividend to shareholders was 164% = 32.8%. Not only produce effective business, JSC in Ha Tay Pharmaceutical also been mentioned as one of the province's leading enterprises to actively participate in social activities such as support for the flood victims, to support victims of the war, help the people of upland hunger eradication and poverty reduction, taking care received Vietnam heroic mothers ... With these practical contributions, company shares Ha Tay Pharmaceutical has honored awarded the State: second-class labor Medal in 1995, the Medal of the third war, 1996; Rank Labor Medal in 2000; Second-class medal feat in 2000; Third-class Independence Medal in 2005 and many other awards. Personally Director Le Van Lo contribution to the development of the company is not small, he was awarded the title "Entrepreneur of Vietnam" with portraits of Bach Thai Buoi, Entrepreneurship Culture and higher rewards other precious ... But he remains a simple, humble, did not want to talk much about himself. During the ceremony to receive the collective hero that day, people saw pictures the director speechless with emotion. Now, he can be proud of by the company has factory condition, spacious, living cadres and workers increasingly improved. It is the priceless reward for the enthusiastic director.

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