Ha Tay Pharmaceutical join hands for public health - Green loves to wind An Tien Commune, My Duc

On the day of 11.21.2015, JSC in Ha Tay Pharmaceutical coordinate with the People's Committee of My Duc district, Hanoi and Ha Dong General Hospital carried out medical programs in An Tien charity one poor commune, My Duc district, Hanoi.

"Living in life to have a heart. To do gi..em know? To wind swept away, to wind swept away ..." The blue wind of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical carry the warmth of human love, of loving kindness given to everywhere where ... And this time the blue wind gave love to her children Tien Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi


An Tien commune is one of the poorest communes of My Duc district, people live mainly on agriculture should also faced many difficulties due to low educational level, economic underdeveloped.

With a tradition of solidarity, solidarity of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical, over the years, along with business development mission, led enthusiastic of the Director General Le Van giants, Ha Tay has typically regularly launch and implement charitable activities express responsibility to the community, contributing to stabilizing social security.

Located in regular activities that, through learning about the lives of people in An Tien and especially children and the elderly, the leadership and staff of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical along with nurses and doctors Ha dong General Hospital journeyed An Tien commune to implement charity programs "Ha Tay Pharmaceutical join hands for the health of the community."


Under the guidelines, the reception dedicated leadership of My Duc district and Tien commune - Hall Clinic in An Tien commune, company leaders Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Joint Stock, Ha Dong General Hospital met, exchanges, visiting and giving gifts directly to 5 household circumstances of communes with special difficulties with money and gifts total $ 1 million, and many books and medicines.


Local leaders, corporate leaders together CPDP Ha Tay Ha Dong General Hospital presented gifts to the poor

Speaking at a charity gift giving, Mr. Le Xuan Thang - Deputy General Director of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Joint Stock emphasize the desire to share difficulties and lack of people here in the spirit of "good leaves caring torn leaves ", jointly contribute little to help them overcome difficulties in life, especially young children here is to add strength, the location, the strength to overcome the poor, the hard-to dream continuous education, finance the construction of the motherland. Le Xuan Thang expressed their willingness to continue with more of the charities with particular social and Tien Ha Tay province in general in the near future.


Le Xuan Thang (Deputy CEO Company CPDP Hatay) Speaking at the program

In response to significant activities of the company CPDP Hatay, nurses and doctors at the General Hospital in Ha Dong, local leaders, on behalf of the entire people in the neighborhood thanks to the company, to the " Herbalist 'Ha Dong hospital. Express your desire to companies as well as hospitals will have more activities like this more to help local farmers.


An Tien commune chairman spoke at the program


Speaking of the US Chief District Health Germany

The charity also was very warm, friendly, warm feelings between collective leadership, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical staff, the nurses and doctors Ha Dong General Hospital, and her children, the children of An Tien






Photos health care for the elderly in An Tien Commune


Through the program "Ha Tay Pharmaceutical join hands for community health" this time. Officers and employees of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical returned with memories, joy because one small part contributed to the health of people in the neighborhood .. And just after each such program, the leadership, the Ha Tay pharmaceutical employees will increasingly try harder, work more enthusiastically, to be able to organize more such programs.

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