Inauguration of the monumental Great physician Tue Tinh factory campus

Tue Tinh Thien Y monument was placed in the middle of the campus site workshop of JSC Ha Tay Pharmaceutical. This is one of the works to celebrate the 50th anniversary of establishment of the company "Golden Age history - Firm steps Future". It is also the desire, the enthusiasm of the board for 50 years, wants financial health, medical ethics, medical director of Celestial became shining example to officials and employees follow the path y Technology mine.

And from now on, the golden milestone 50 years history of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical will be well received in the joy of human pride with Thien Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Y. And from here, based on full historical epic, its proud people of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical will confident to the future, driven by Tue Tinh's footsteps, as the juniors deserve to be proud!

Thich Tue Tinh - saint of eastern medicine, commonly referred to as the Tue Tinh or Hue Tinh, Phu Nghia village people, the total Van Thai, Cam Giang District, Thuong Hong (now Hai Duong Province) was named ancestor branches Drug Vietnam and was a prelude to the background of traditional medicine in Vietnam. The spirit of South Drug Hong Nghia brand and his knowledge of medical treatment not only makes sense in the history of medicine, but also in the literary history of Vietnam.

Great physician Tue Tinh is a beautiful image of the physician with thorough knowledge, high sense of responsibility both in the profession, patience, devotion, faith and love sacrifice boundless patients. .

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