Ha Tay Pharmaceutical, proud half-century journey

With the goal of sustainable development and maintain the position of the top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Vietnam, gradually reaching out to the international market, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical constantly learning, innovation, pioneering the system modernization of equipment and machinery in service to the manufacturing process.
50 years of construction and development, the company has invested hundreds of billions for the renovation of technological equipment, replacement of outdated equipment moped with superior facilities, offers Vietnam, based on the principle ensure the requirements of the WHO.
Currently, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical owns production lines closed, built installation and commissioning WHO GMP standards, laboratory according to GLP standards, the system according to the standard GSP treasure.

Not only focus on investment in modern production lines, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical also focused on improving and developing new products to meet the diverse demands and the increasing of customers.
In recent years, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Joint Venture was successful technology transfer and production of drugs with prestigious firms in the market as firm Lyka Indian, US firms ... According Ampharco Pharmacists Le Van Lo, here, the company will continue to partner with pharmaceutical companies from Japan, Korea, the United States ... to produce many new products in line with the needs of the Vietnamese.

                                                                              Product testing laboratory.
                                                                     Lines of drugs eyedrops.

In addition, the promotion of brain research and put the scientists in the country to practice but also the direction of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical strong ongoing. To do this, the company has close links, research collaboration with research institutes, universities, conducted over the project ... in order to bring the community of healthcare products possible. Recently, the company has partnered with Dr. Phan Ngoc Minh - Director of the Institute for Biological Studies in Southeast Asia to successfully implement production and Bosunamin Kids Bosunamin containing hydrolysed protein from horse blood is nutrition products especially for malnourished children, rickets slowly gaining weight, poor diet elderly people, new people have been sick.

Previously, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical mainly wholesale and retail sales in the province, but now, the company has established branches, expanding distribution network to many provinces, cities, and are step steps included exports to regional markets such as Laos, Cambodia, Nigeria ... Besides, companies are also interested in the process of training and dissemination of knowledge to use safe, pharmacy system settings reached standards help the distribution of products to consumers quickly and conveniently.

This year, the total output value of the company is estimated at 450 billion, compared with 7 times the first year of equitization, the average income of the average worker is estimated at 7.3 million a person, almost 6 times the first year of privatization. This helps Ha Tay Pharmaceutical always in the top 10 domestic pharmaceutical enterprises with large turnover in Vietnam. Company determined to build, upgrade factories to produce medicines are GMP_PICS higher standards (standard 41 drug manufacturing companies in Europe and the Americas compliance). In the future, many activities improve the quality of personnel, professionalism in governance, with new working methods will be deployed.

Following the success already achieved, as well as responding to the trust of society, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical is committed to bringing the best products, to continue to build strong businesses, bringing the brand to new heights, firmly on the journey of integration and development.

Source: http://baokinhdoanh.vn/kinh-doanh/dnghiep-dnhan/16591-duoc-ha-tay-tu-hao-hanh-trinh-nua-the-ky.html

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