50 golden years of history - the future firmly

Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in Ha Tay, formerly known as State-owned enterprises, was founded in 1965. In 2001, the company conducted an official privatization and Stock Exchange on HNX 2008. Functions and duties of the company are: production, sales, import and export of medicines, pharmaceutical chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and medicine equipment medical instruments ...

50th Anniversary of the establishment of the meeting is not only to exchange and review of the traditional golden generation member of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical, to the sons of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical more proud, trust and cohesion that is an opportunity to express gratitude Pharmaceutical Joint stock company in Ha Tay for the customers who have mounted, supported and co-operated with the company for many years. This is an opportunity to Hatay Pharmaceutical expressed gratitude to the scientific studies have been with Ha Tay Pharmaceutical in the research process and deploy applications, bringing products and materials "made in Vietnam" community health service.

Especially, in celebration, the leadership and all officials and employees of the Company will honorably recognized by the People's Committee of Hanoi awarded to the dedication and accomplishments the company achieved for years.

Half a century undergone continuous development, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical has now become one of the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam including 1 GMP production plant covers an area of over 17,000 m2 with production capacity diversified manufacturing of dosage forms, factory food chain functions with built according to GMP standards, standardized system of distribution of GDP and nearly 400 pharmacies GPP standards. Currently, the company is the production and placing on the market of nearly 500 product categories, with a staff of over 1000 employees veteran and longtime sticking. For years, the company is always in the top pharmaceutical enterprises with the highest turnover of Vietnam.

50 years - a long, enough to assert a position, a brand, enough to build good traditions of a company with a rich history and a great contribution in the protection and care community health care.

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