Ha Tay Pharmaceutical: Giving the community the best products

Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in Ha Tay, formerly known as State-owned enterprises, was founded in 1965. In 2001, the company conducted an official privatization and Stock Exchange on HNX 2008. Functions and duties of the company are: production, sales, import and export of medicines, pharmaceutical chemicals, pharmaceutical, food, medicines and equipment for medical instruments ...

Half a century undergone continuous development, so far the company has become one of the pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam including 1 MHA GMP factory covers an area of over 17,000 m2 with production capacity a variety of dosage forms, factory food chain functions with built according to GMP standards, standardized system of distribution of GDP and nearly 400 pharmacies GPP standards. Currently, the company is the production and placing on the market of nearly 500 product categories, with a staff of over 1000 employees veteran and longtime sticking.

For years, the company is always in the top pharmaceutical enterprises with the highest turnover of Vietnam. By 2015, the total output value reached more than 400 billion revenue in 2015 reached more than 800 billion, more than 36 billion budget, the average income of employees was 6.5 million / person / month. Every year, companies spend over 1 billion budget contribution for operations support medical charities, the social humanitarian activities. State companies have been awarded many medals, noble titles and especially the title of Labour Hero reform era.

The company's laboratories

In recent years, the company has invested hundreds of billions for the renovation of technological equipment, replacement of outdated equipment moped with superior facilities, offers Vietnam, based on the principle of meet the requirements of the WHO. Not only that, the company also focuses on the improvement and development of new products, meet the diverse needs and increasing customer.

In particular, the company has been successful in joint ventures and technology transfer to manufacturing drugs prestigious firms in the market as firm Indian Lyka, American firms .... Pharmacists Ampharco Le Van Lo - Director director of the company - said that from the results of this collaboration, the company will continue to partner with pharmaceutical companies from Japan, Korea, the United States ... to produce more new products suited to the needs of Vietnamese people.

In addition, the promotion of brain research and put the scientists in the country to practice as well as the direction that the company is strong deployment. To do this, the company has close links, research collaboration with research institutes, universities, conducted over the project ... in order to bring the community of healthcare products possible.

From where mainly wholesale and retail sales in the province, so far, the company has established branches, expanding distribution network to many provinces, cities and is gradually taking exports to markets such as Laos, Cambodia, Nigeria ...

Source: http://baocongthuong.com.vn/co-phan-duoc-pham-ha-tay-mang-den-cho-cong-dong-nhung-san-pham-tot.html

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