Chairman Duoc Ha Tay - Le Van Lo: No move is holding firm loser

(Stock Investment) In the living room luxury at Headquarters Ha Tay Pharmaceutical JSC (DHT) at No. 10A, Quang Trung Street, Ha Dong, Hanoi, Le Van Lo, Chairman and CEO of the company is the same with colleagues are busy preparing for the 50th anniversary of the founding of the company.

Pay back when he recalls the early days of arduous the task. The past lack of food, lack of wear have receded, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical is facing many new opportunities, but as Chairman Duoc Ha Tay emphasized the mission to bring the medicinal products and health care safety, efficiency efficient, because the health of Vietnam has always been the red thread throughout all activities of the company.

Mr. Le Van Loi, Chairman and CEO of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical JSC

For those who have ever known Hatay Pharmaceutical previous years, the achievements of the company at present is not easy. Being at the helm, he thought of the way over?

Currently, Ha Tay Pharmaceutical JSC is considered as a business operation efficiency, higher growth, stability, sustainable development, creating jobs for thousands of workers ...

But the right is not easy to get today if you look back at the days of hardship that we have experienced.

In 1989, I got the task of Directors in full mood to wonder, even at one point thought or repudiation. At that time, things are very difficult. The capital of the Company has 34.6 million mere, workshops are only one old factory, workers without jobs. I remember vividly tangled patch of ceiling at that meeting, with some temporary support to help bamboo collapsed ...

Lines for production of soft capsules Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in Ha Tay

Lines for production of soft capsules Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company in Ha Tay
In that room, the management company has asked each other, "What to do with the money", "how do workers have jobs, so they do not starve"? ... Back then, went to sleep dreaming about what I also present.

Finally, we decided to call you in company capital contribution, to take that money left to buy 1 million pills to sell to people in the region. Back then, the population of 2.4 million people of Ha Tay, which plans to assign Ha Tay Pharmaceutical is only 1.5 million tablets left, missing nearly half the demand.

Count it, but not yet received the processing enterprises. The situation forced us to go one step further is to sell drugs themselves, but sued for manufacturing their products the same enterprise.

But also thanks to the lawsuit that we have historical turning point, licensing of production and business items patented drugs and many brands under the provisions of intellectual property.

From there, things gradually favorable, workers have jobs, many businesses are you to ask us for their processing drugs. The company gradually accumulated profits, investors are much more like machines kneading machines, tabletting, Blister ...

By 2015, sales of the company gained 850 billion, the factory was built in accordance with modern standards with an area of more than 17,000 m2, GMP - WHO, the total value of investment in upgrading plant and equipment are up to 200 billion.

Really, it is the initial success that we do not dare to think about.

But administrative orders normally can not move people and mobilize efforts to join hands to build a Ha Tay Pharmaceutical today. So according to him, what led to the success of the company?

I believe that consensus culture, the desire to learn, practice and aspirations forward Ha Tay Pharmaceutical helped get today and move on the next stage. In the company, there is no gap between the leaders and employees. We are bound together as members of one big family, became a unified block. Solidarity - Consensus is the biggest strength of the company.

All the problems are before we discuss concrete actions to focus the power of the collective. Thus, many technical innovations, many products are highly competitive in the market we have been continuously exposed as drugs Livsin 94, Polydoxancol, Neurology D3, Bari Hadopha ...

In 2014, the award-winning 94 Livsin star Vietnamese medicine awarded by the Ministry of Health.

Currently, the company produces nearly 500 items in circulation across the country and each year has added 20 new items to be put on the market.

In addition, activities are also trade union organization we are particularly interested, material life care and spiritual officials assured employees always work.

One of the important factors decisive to the success or failure of the business is to build and develop a distribution system. Ha Tay Pharmaceutical has implemented this strategy look like, sir?

This is always our sector focus, in addition to producing better medicines. Currently, the company has a system of wholesale and retail network widely in Hanoi.

Since conducting equitization in 2001, the company has invested in building a distribution system immediately. Up to now, the company has nearly 500 pharmacies, drugstores GPP and sales cooperation with thousands of pharmacies across the country.

May 4/2014, to meet the requirements of the job-oriented company, Business Department was established to advise the board established the business plan and the implementation and management costs for business, revenue management, debt, plan to implement marketing activities and customer care ...

Besides establishing a branch in Thai Binh, Nghe An and Co. Hataphar South, we also associated with many distribution partners are the pharmaceutical companies as agents in the provinces, in order to expand economic locality business. Some of the Company's drug products have been exported to Laos, Nigeria, Cambodia, Myanmar ...

In partnership with distributors, we launched sales policy based on development co-benefit point of view, with the desire to do so to the pharmacy best serve people with very reasonable prices.

Integration is making major changes to people's lives and the economy. Vietnam drugs have many opportunities, but also facing the pressure more intense competition. The company will have to change how to adapt to a new stage of development?

In the flow integration, if not ahead, business stationary, also means that the lag. Thus, over the years, we have to renew.

In particular, the priority is 1. We have selected and boldly entrust these important positions, key in the company for the dynamic young staff. There remuneration for staff pharmacists university.

Human resource investment for research and development of products with bioequivalence assessment as Zanmite. Competitive products as good as Polydoxancol, Neurology D3, ...

Next is the innovative technology and product diversification has always been regarded as a key task of the Company. We will also step up cooperation with scientific researchers to transfer, put the research into practice produce more in order to create useful products for consumers as Bosunamin, Bosunamin kids ...

Sticking with Ha Tay Pharmaceutical pharmaceutical industry in particular and Vietnam in general over the years, he expects nothing of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical position in the future?

Ha Tay Pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry of Vietnam has continued efforts to create advantages for the pharmaceutical industry, serving the cause of caring, protecting and improving people's health. We believe, will be a private internal medicine used not only by forms and designs increasingly diverse but mainly due to the quality and effectiveness of drug treatment is guaranteed. To maintain consumer confidence, all products of Ha Tay Pharmaceutical drugs are investing in scientific research, constantly improve the quality - bring full value to medicine and science, but very fit with Vietnam.

In 2016, the construction of drug factory GMP - PIC / S is the investment strategy of our mind. PIC / S is the trend of the world's countries towards integration of quality management systems worldwide, and is also required businesses forced to make when you want to export medicines abroad.

With what has been done, we believe Vietnam will increasingly drug plays a more important role in the protection of human health and Vietnam. And not only present in the domestic market, Vietnam will be accepted drugs in the market of countries of the region and the world.


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